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Dallas Location

Welcome to our Dallas location.  Dallas is known for being a modern metropolis and is the 8th largest city in the US .   

Our rates a kept simple to make scheduling an appointment quick and easy.  

Choose from the 3 types of services you will require:  

- General Services

- Bridal Services 

- Production Services

The most often asked question is,  "What is included in our rate?"

- Strip Lashes

- Air Brush makeup (if requested.  Traditional makeup is always available)

For any questions, please do not hesitate to call and we will be more than happy to answer them for you. 

What is NOT included in our rate?

- Travel Fee per artist

- Parking fee per artist

- Gratuity

Group Rates- For any groups of  5 or more people we offer 5% off.

Please contact us for more information Call or Email


Makeup Now Vegas Las Vegas Booking


Makeup Now Vegas Las Vegas Booking


Our artists are reliable and skilled experts in TV, Commercials, Film, Music Videos, Conventions, and Trade Shows.

We specialize in HD Airbrush, special effects (SFX), medical effects and scars, prosthetic creation and application, grooming and body painting. We make you shine in all the right places!

When it comes to hair, we do it all from time period pieces, big sexy curls, simple basic commercial styles with all types of hair. Being experienced in numerous production, “We make sure fly-away is go away!”

Ensure a smooth production in the makeup and hair department for your next project. We handle pre-production work, as well as last minute bookings. Contact us today!

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