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The artists at Makeup Now USA is comprised of talented andprofessional Makeup Artists and Hair Stylists with a proven resume of Celebrities. 

Our artists are reliable and skilled experts in TV, Commercials, Film, Music Video and all areas of production.

We specialize in HD Airbrush, special effects (SFX), medical effects and scars, prosthetic creation and application, grooming and body painting. We make you shine in all the right places!

When it comes to hair, we do it all from time period pieces, big sexy curls, simple basic commercial styles with all types of hair. Being experienced in numerous production, “We make sure fly-away is go away!”

Ensure a smooth production in the makeup and hair department for your next project. We handle pre-production work, as well as last minute bookings. Contact us today!

Makeup Now USA provides a wide range of services for all your professional makeup needs.

Whether you are making a presentation in front of a group or a live audience, professional makeup application on women and even men can make a huge difference in your look. We all want to look our best when in front of any audience and professional makeup application is a necessity in accomplishing this just as much as having a great dress or that killer “power tie”.

That’s where we come in. Makeup Now USA can provide the services you need in professional makeup application to make you look amazing, whether it is for a television appearance, corporate presentation, wedding, party, or even a night out on the town. Our artists can create a look that is just right for you. Whether it is for music videos, television commercials, or special events, We can create a contemporary look, recreate period designs and style, or completely transform an actor’s face and body using prosthetics and body paint.  No project is too large or too small.

From beauty and glamour looks to straight-ahead corporate, from film and video shoots to live events. At Makeup Now USA, we offer a full range of hair and make-up stylist services, including:
We can work with you from pre-production, as the creative team crafts the look, right through to the day of production to ensure that the overall design is consistent with the production concept. Our artists can also be on-site to monitor and touch-up every step of the way!

Makeup Now USA have provided makeup services on a remarkable range of projects and We are ready to assist you and your team on all of the following: TV Spots, Pitch Videos, Documentaries, Music Videos, Independent Films, Corporate Videos, Promotional Videos, Band Videos, Web Videos ,Industrial Videos, Webcasting, Training Videos, Demo Videos, Legal Videos, Green Screen Shoots, Sitdown Interviews, Streaming, Videos, Event Coverage


Your wedding is your most special and treasured day. Every bride wants to look radiant and feel their best! Whether you're a Las Vegas local or traveling from out of town, our team of professional makeup and hair stylists will be there to take great care of you.  

At Makeup Now USA, we specialize in long-lasting airbrush makeup made to last throughout your entire wedding day celebration! From the classy bride, dramatic bride, sweet bride to zombie bride, our team of artists can bring your dream into reality. We will work closely with you to bring out the best look and style for your wedding.


Make a dazzling splash at your next special event! 

Our artists at Makeup Now USA can transform your everyday look into the red carpet movie premiere. Feel and look like a celebrity star at your special party or evening out on the town. 

We have made our clients look their best at such events as:


Tasha Cobbs - Soul Train Awards 2015


Los Tigre del Norte - 12th Annual Latin Grammy Awards


artLIVE! Janurary 29th 2015


Special Effects Makeup (SFX Makeup) is a specialized Makeup technique, only mastered by makeup artists after many days, weeks and months of experience. We hand selected our team of Award Winning SFX Makeup Artists to bring you the most realistic creations.
Whether you’re looking to be a Zombie, recreate a car accident scene, or even as simply as wanting a new look, we’ve got you covered! Work with one of the best teams of SFX Makeup Artists to make your look become reality.

Some of our work simple below but makeup sure you check out our Special Effects / Creatives on portfolio session. 


Everyone wants to look their best in front of large audiences. Looking your best will help you make the best presentation.

Make your employees look their best and grab the convention traffic at a stand still. Spoke models, convention models, pamphlet handlers walk around the convention trying to gain attention to your booth. Body painting models with your company logos is one of the hottest trends right now.

The professional makeup and hairstylists at Makeup Now USA understand the basics of stage lighting for auditorium settings, as well as convention center lighting at your individual booths. 

Contact us to discuss creative ideas for your next marketing event. 


Get the look! The first time, all the time at your next Photo Shoot.

The Makeup Now USA team of professional makeup artists and hairstylists are well versed with extensive experience in photo shoots. Whether you’re shooting your next fashion campaign, to promoting the hottest drink on the market, we understand how lighting affects your shoot.

When it comes to hair, we do it all! From European time period pieces to big sexy pin-up model curls and to your basic commercial hairstyles, we make you look your best!

Get the look you need to make your sale. Our team of artists, will make you want to buy the product itself!

HD Airbrush . Non-Toxic Airbrushing . Grooming . Special Effects . Body Painting . Medical Effects & Scars . Prosthetic Creations . Fashion & Beauty

Our team has extensive experience in production. We work with all skin types. We understand how lighting affects makeup to ensure a perfect outcome!


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