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NOW for our Beauty Tip... Dirty Brushes Can lead to Bacteria On Your Skin and Makeup.

​Are you diligent in cleaning your makeup brushes? It is imperative that this is done daily after every use. Using unclean brushes can lead to acne from the bacteria in your makeup brushes. Here in Las Vegas, NV in the heart of the desert, it is easy for us to clean our brushes regularly because of our dry climate. So when we deep clean our brushes we can be certain that it will be dry the following day. So there are no excuses for those of you living in the desert ;) If you don’t have this luxury of living in the desert then a good disinfecting brush cleaner is great to use. Not only does it disinfect, it will dry within minutes. We do recommend deep cleaning your brushes at least once a week or stretching it to once every 2 weeks. Depending on how often you use your brushes. So long as you are using a disinfecting brush cleaner after using your brushes. As artists, clean disinfected brushes are a must! There are so many great brush soaps on the market today. Our favorite right now is The Brush Soap. An organic soap made with essential oils that will sure to deep clean your brushes. While naturally disinfecting and moisturizing your brushes without leaving any film. Real hair brushes will not dry or become brittle because of the moisturizing properties in the soap. So next time you're lagging on cleaning your makeup brushes just think of all of that bacteria in your dirty brushes that are transferring into your makeup and on to your skin. Below are links to our favorite disinfecting brush sprays:

Cinema Secrets Brush Cleaner Sephora Brush Cleaner The Brush Soap

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