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NOW for our Beauty Trend... Faux Freckles?

​Now, I have always loved freckles. As a makeup artist I would be saddened when clients would want a full coverup, freckles and all. Within the last couple of years I have had clients ask that I don’t fully cover their freckles. This elates me!…but faux freckles? That’s genius! FRECK YOURSELF offers this product that leaves your face with natural looking, smudge free freckles for 48 hours. I’m not sure I would venture out for faux freckles for myself, but there are those clients I think would look fantastic with some freckles. Freckles offers a sense of youthfulness and rebelliousness. No care in the world. I say, let your freckles show and if you don’t have any FRECK YOURSELF.

#temporarytattoos #freckles #fakefreckles

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