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Trending Summer Product: Brazilian Bum Bum Cream

​Spring is practically over and we are headed right into summer. Have you been working on your summer body? Well, Sol de Janeiro’s Brazilian Bum Bum cream may just give you a little boost on your summer bikini tush. Brazilian Bum Bum cream aids in your summer squats and can be applied all over the body. The product contains no phthalates, paragons, animal by-products, propylene glycol, synthetic colors, PEGs, and petrolatum. The product contains Guarana which has 5xs the caffeine to coffee (can I eat it for more energy?) which stimulates, tightens, and smooths skin; Cupuacu Butter full of fatty-acids, phytosterols and polyphenols that lock in moisture restoring the skin’s elasticity; Acai, which is a powerful antioxidant that aids in the youthfulness of your skin; Coconut Oil which conditions and moisturize your skin; Brazil Nuts which helps maintain your skin’s firmness and elasticity; Guayusa which is also packed with caffeine, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, 15 essential amino acids, and leucine. I haven’t tried this product myself, but the reviews are enticing! With all of its moisturizing properties it may just be the ticket after a stagnant winter and spring. I did contact Sol de Janeiro to ask if the product was safe to use on your face. Here is what they responded with: "This product is specially designed for the body. We didn't test on the face. However, we've heard that some clients used it on their faces and were really happy about it. I just want to remind you that face skin tends to be more sensitive to active ingredients. So please patch test prior to using.” I was impressed that they got back to me in a timely manner and they were super nice in their email. They were also honest about not testing it on the face. So, check it out and let us know how it worked for you! I just placed my order. Soon I’ll be rubbing some of that Brazilian Bum Bum Cream to help me out on my squat game. I’ll keep you posted.

Brazilian Bum Bum Cream

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