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Top 10 Reasons to Hire A Professional Company To Do Your Wedding Makeup and Hair

The planning of your wedding can be stressful enough. Having your makeup and hair looks can be a nightmare when you have to rely on your wedding party to look presentable for your wedding day.

Creating that look you want to achieve doesn’t always go in your favor when applying it yourself or trusting an amateur to do this for you.

Trusting a reputable company to ensure a stress free experience on your special day is worth the financial investment.

Here are top 10 reasons to hire a reputable company to do your makeup and hair for your wedding:

  1. Hiring a company will elevate the quality of your makeup and hair. Not only for yourself, but for your bridal party. You ultimately have the final say in what hair style your bridesmaids will have. This will carry over for years to come when you look back at your wedding album. You will be glad that you did.

  2. An experienced company will take control over the scheduling for this part of the wedding preparation. If left to the professional, you will eliminate the stress of scheduling everyone and your hired company can take over this portion of the planning. you won’t have to keep track of everyone getting ready. Your professional will be watching the time. They have it covered and know exactly how long it should take and you are completely in their hands.

  3. The quality of the makeup is one of the most important factors to a flawless bridal look. Your professional will have the high quality products that will last for the duration of your wedding and your reception.

  4. The proper application will ensure the longevity of your makeup. A professional will leave you looking flawless from the time you walk down the aisle to the time you leave your wedding reception.

  5. A professional company has its name at stake. You can be certain that they will use sanitary makeup and tools when applying on you and your bridal party. They are in the business of giving you the best customer service and not giving you cooties. An amateur may not have the experience or the knowledge on using sanitary practices.

  6. Makeup and Hair for many is the final step to a long journey of planning; including budgeting, cake testing, dieting, fittings and many other stress-filled decisions. A time to get pampered before your trip down the aisle. Many brides will sit down in the artist’s chair, take a deep breath, and enjoy the pampering. Experienced companies will understand that this is a crucial time for the bride and should want to give the bride an experience of calmness and beauty.

  7. You will be ready for your close up. Most companies have experienced makeup in all areas of the spectrum from commercial photoshoots, video productions, to weddings. You will be camera ready with the right company. They have the knowledge of what it takes to be camera ready or video ready. You will be that stunning bride that everybody is expecting to see walk down the aisle; especially that special someone waiting for you at the alter.

  8. You have the option of doing a trial with professionals. This will give you the chance to try that color that you saw on Pinterest; the one that looked so beautiful on her may not be the best on you. The day of your wedding is not the time to be trying new hairstyles or new color options.

  9. Which brings me to my next point. A professional artist will understand the color wheel and your skin tone. They will have a good understanding on which shades of shadow will enhance your eye color and what blush will look right on your skin. They will also be able to pair the right colors that will look good with your accessories. You’ll have the perfect mix of foundation that will compliment your skin and not give you a gray or pale look. (Unless you want to look pale. Some clients do)

  10. Finally, the savings of hiring a professional. Savings you say? Yes, savings. There are costs to having your makeup and hair done by a professional, but it’s a small price to pay for all of the above and for not having to spend upwards of the hundreds on good makeup that you will only be using once. An experienced professional will have everything that you will need in their kit. All of these things you will not have had to purchase or even think of.

So, consider these Top 10 Reasons when you are contemplating hiring a professional team for your special day and you will have peace of mind and great memories for years to come.

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