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Black Tape Art

Black tape application

Makeup Now USA is usually known for their makeup and hair on a bridal or prom client. Maybe even for the client that is going out for a night on the town, but they are no strangers to some of the city’s special events such as the Supercross Finals after party held at the Palms Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, NV. Are you wondering if the clients in our chairs were the supercross finalists? Actually, they were the party’s models geared up to decorate the party in their black tape costumes and air brushed corporate logos. Thanks to Vegas Atmosphere, Makeup Now USA got to do something a little different. Black tape art has become quite popular over the years for its creative application of the black tape. You may have heard of The Black Tape Project. Well, it wasn't affiliated with the actual project, but they were an inspiration. Complimenting the curves on the models applied to, any design using black tape is possible. There are no limits to what the artists can do. Check out our pictures from the after party.

Black Tape Art Model
Applying Black Tape to the model
Airbrushing Corporate Logos on models

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