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Summer Makeup Tips

Summer has begun! A question we get asked often is, " How do I keep my makeup from melting off in this summer?" Weather will vary from state to state, but the general idea is to keep your makeup from sweating off.

1. PREP YOUR BASE - A good skin care regime is always the base for the ultimate makeup application. This is key anytime of the year. So this is the longest tip on this post.

Cleanse your face every night before bed with a mild cleanser, exfoliate at least once a week, moisturize, protect you skin from the sun, and stay hydrated. (Look for tips on a good skin care regime on another one of our blog posts) The summer heat may tend to make you a little more oily, but using really harsh cleansers may dry out your skin and you will produce more oil. So unless you have been prescribed cleansers by your dermatologist stick to a mild cleanser. Exfoliating will wash away dead skin cells allowing your skin to breath and regenerate new skin cells. *DO NOT EXFOLIATE SUN BURNED SKIN! If you happen to forget your UV/UVB protection and hat and you end up burnt allow your skin to heal and peel on it's own. Once your skin heals from a burn it is safe to lightly exfoliate. The key is to avoid burning which I will mention in just a moment.

Cleanse your skin every night.

Always moisturize even if you tend to get oily. There are some great oil free moisturizers out there. Yes, we may sweat and feel oily, but the heat can also dry out your skin and you need to keep your skin supple by moisturizing. Back to sun burns, protect your skin from the sun as best as you can. I know this is the time for the beach and outdoor swimming, but you can never rewind the damage you do to your skin especially sun damage. It causes wrinkles and skin cancer so protect the largest organ on your body. Applying makeup to dry sun burnt skin doesn't always give us a good pallet to start with. So take care of your skin.

Hydrate with water to keep your skin supple.

Having a good base is not just on the surface. During these hotter months hydrating is especially important. Staying clean from the inside will reward you on the outside. So stay hydrated because applying makeup to dehydrated skin will not give you the best results.

2. PRIME TIME - Having a good primer on hand will help your makeup stay on longer. Nowadays there are primers that help with waterproofing, shine, and sun protection. They are light and don't feel like you have another layer on, but will help keep that makeup from slipping off your face.

We are not endorsing these primers and everybody is different so do your research and get a sample before you make a purchase to see if you like the primer.

Summer Face Primers

3. KEEP IT SIMPLE - The less makeup you have on the less chance you have of creasing and the less makeup you have to worry about melting off your face. We say, conceal where you have to and use something light weight like a tinted moisturizer or BB Cream.

Natural Summer Makeup Look

4. EASY ON THE EYES - Stay away from cream shadows. Using a good eye primer is always key to shadow staying power, but creams may have more chance of creasing in these summer months. As well as dark colors. If you tend to have oily eyelids the heat may add to shadows creasing even with a good primer. So darker colors are a must to avoid. Stick to sheer shadows.

Sheer Shadow Look

5. GO WATERPROOF - There are so many options for waterproof makeup on the market. There are primers, mascara, foundations, eyebrow gels, shadows, and waterproofing setting sprays. You'll be ready for any pool party and you'll be able to jump in the pool and come out looking flawless and fresh.

Waterproof makeup

6. GET YOUR BRONZE ON - Since you will be going light on the foundation and protecting your skin from the sun a good bronzer will give you the beautiful sun kissed look we all crave during the winter months with out the sun damage. Plus, your teeth will look lighter.

Summer Bronzers

7. USE AN OIL CONTROLLER OR MATTIFIER - This can be applied just to the t-zone area to keep shine at a minimum. Ultimately you will be sweating and sweat can bring on the shine. For added help keep some oil blotting papers handy in your purse. If you don't have any handy, I find that tissue does a great job of absorbing oil too. You'll be able to blot when needed with out having to powder on your face.

Summer is a tricky time of year for makeup, but we shouldn't have to give it up completely because of the weather. Try these tips and remember first and foremost, take good care of your skin. Have a great summer!!

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