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As a company in the beauty industry we are always scoping out the latest trends. Do we always agree with them? Well...that’s another story.

We have to admit, some trends are fun and look cool in some situations and with some face shapes. Not all of the trends are age appropriate or face shape appropriate. Of course trends come and go and return, like eyebrows for instance. Those of you that are from my era will remember Brooke Shields. Aside from her endless beauty she was also known for her full eyebrows. Everybody had to have those full brows. It was the in thing and I can remember combing my brows to replicate Brooke. Then we went into the stage of thin eyebrows and back to thick eyebrows.

Who knows where the future will lead us. Trends will continue to inspire makeup and hair lovers alike. Questions is, will you always buy into it?

Are you into it? Tell us what your favorite makeup trends are.

Comment below and tell us what you think.

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